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Imagine. A life in motion.
With excellence in Orthopaedic Care.

“The operation [knee replacement surgery] was well worth it - I can do more things now. People are fortunate to have such a great joint replacement option so close to home.”
- Jim

Orthopaedic treatment that is as advanced as it is caring isn’t hard to find at Aspirus Medford Hospital. North central Wisconsin’s leading orthopaedic specialists and surgeons are on staff at Aspirus Medford Hospital, providing care with compassion; and expertise with deep understanding.

From MRI Diagnostics, Sports Medicine, Knee Replacement Surgeries, Foot & Ankle Surgery, Hand & Upper Extremity Care and Surgery to Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, every patient can experience an entirely new class of care at Aspirus Medford Hospital - with minimal recovery time and optimal comfort.

Orthopaedic conditions can range from problems that may be hereditary, such as scoliosis, to something acquired, such as repetitive stress on joints, arthritis, or sports injuries. Through this website, you can learn about orthopaedic conditions including symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment.

The health-related information and resources within this site are not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or care that patients receive from their healthcare providers. Communication with your physician is your most important tool in determining the specific treatment that is best for you.

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The information within Aspirus Medford Hospital's online Medical Library is for general knowledge and awareness. Not all of the services and treatments noted within can be provided by Aspirus Medford Hospital.